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Technology for a better farming future and a better world

We strive to prevent crop losses
through early stress detection.

The Challenge

FOOD SECURITY | FEEDING A GROWING WORLD is one of the global challenges for humanity

Crop losses are a major contributor to the food security challenge:

By 2050, 50% more food must be produced globally to feed 10 billion people.

​Meanwhile more than 1.2 billion tonnes of edible crops are lost due to climate change and environmental damage, pests and disease, and supply chain logistics. 


Climate Change

By 2050, increased air pollutants and higher temperatures will increase crop damage by 20%.


Pests & Diseases

Up to 30% of the five major global crops are lost yearly due to insects and diseases.

Crop spoilage.jpg

Crop Spoilage

Up to 30% of crop losses are also due to lack of water and nutrients and high salinity in the soil.

What we Do


We are a biology-led company creating innovation technologies to combat global crop losses:

When crop plants are stressed by drought, poor nutrients, pests or pathogens they release signature molecules before the onset of visible symptoms.

FITOvol's diagnostics enables crop stress to be treated rapidly, in the right place and at the right time.

FITOvol's proprietary technology, FITOsense, enables translation of plant stress signals into real-time, accurate data for optimum growth management.


Supported by...

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Early detection is the enabler of next generation precision farming:


Data-driven sustainable agriculture 

Stress detection will be enabled by FITOsense, a company proprietary technology platform which translates natural plant signals into diagnostic tools.

FITOsense is supported by our unique knowledge hub, FITOsci, our one-stop knowledge hub on crop stresses and their detection.

We aspire to become a partner of choice for precision farming

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